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Last updated 27/08/2013

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A design is the overall appearance of a product - the contour, configuration, pattern and ornamentation which gives a unique
visual appearance.

"Design", in terms of both function and appearance, is a key factor in the success of commercial products. India has also achieved a mature status in the field of industrial designs. Given the rapid growth in technology & the globalization of the world economy, it is becoming increasingly imperative to be up-to-date with new products & designs being launched, registered, if you want to get an edge over your competitors.


MCDESiGN is built with an objective of offering researchers a comprehensive "registered Indian Design patents" in a easy to search format. The database is at par with the international standards, in terms of language, quality with many internal human & computed checks at every step.

The search platform is flexible, easy to navigate and the content gets updated every seven days. We have an interesting interoperability feature, with the MCDESiGN database linked to our flagship Indian Patents database 'MCPaIRS'. This enables users to look at both patents and design documents of a particular applicant, seamlessly.

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  • (2009)134456
  • (2009)134456
  • (2009)134456
  • (2009)134456
  • (2009)134456
  • (2009)134456
  • (2009)134456
  • (2009)134456
  • (2009)134456
  • (2009)134456
  • (2009)134456
  • (2009)134456
  • (2009)134456
  • (2009)134456

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